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From The Desk of Jonathan Koh, Founder & Teacher at IELTS University

You and I both know this…

Opportunities for a better life, career and education for your family are EVERYWHERE in developed countries.

But the reality is this...


  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fully qualify for Permanent Residency in any country?Instead of putting in a huge amount of time and effort applying for multiple job positions in multiple countries, going for several rounds of interviews, only to find out at the last minute that you do not meet the minimum IELTS score required and get rejected.
  • without having to keep your fingers crossed?
  • And imagine this...Wouldn’t it be nice having more money left over every month even AFTER you’ve sent home half your income to your family, and after you’ve settled your monthly living expenses?

The Only Thing Standing Between You And Living And Working In Your Dream City Or Country Is The Failure To Achieve A 7.0 For The IELTS

Over the last 8 years, having coached over a thousand students, I’ve noticed a pattern...

Most students fail to achieve an IELTS 7.0 score, and suffer the inconveniences of having to resit the test over and over again…

Because they’re missing a complete system below to support this goal. And this system contains 7 parts.

  • #1: Qualified & Experienced Teacher  
  • Qualified English Teacher - I have a University of Cambridge CELTA teaching qualification and have completed half of my Master of Education in English Teaching.
  • Specialize in IELTS Preparation - While I've been teaching English since 2003, for the past 5 years I've been specializing in teaching IELTS. Because of this, I've become familiar with every aspect of the IELTS exam. Unlike many teachers who teach many levels and types of English exams (and thus can't possibly teach as well in all of them), I only focus on IELTS.
  • Taught In 4 Countries - I've lived most of my life in Singapore and Australia and have taught English in both countries - and also in China and Colombia (South America).
  • Taught Over 15 Nationalities - Most of my students are from Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China, India, Korea & Japan) and Europe (Russia, Spain, France, Italy, etc.)
  • #2: Effective Teaching Methodology With Rarely-Taught Techniques
  • While I cover all four components of the IELTS exam (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking), most students struggle the most with Writing. Therefore, I've spent a lot of time improving my teaching in this area, developing strategies and techniques seldom taught elsewhere (and developing my own unique ones) that have helped my students greatly improve their Writing.
  • #3: Student’s Results: Hundreds of Success Stories
  • To me, the most important thing is to help my students get the results they need. And I've helped a lot of them succeed over the years. No hype - just real people with real testimonials!
  • #4: Perfect Timing For Working Adults
  • My classes are held on the weekends - Saturday (1pm to 5pm or 6pm to 10pm) or Sunday (9am to 1pm). This timing is great as it can accommodate most working adults and students.
  • #5: Flexible Pace
  • Whether you're looking for quick short-term classes or you want to study over a period of a few months, my classes are great for you.
  • 1) Intensive classes if you need to prepare quickly, then all you need to do is attend 4 Saturday or Sunday classes (over a period of 22 days only). My teaching is very intensive and detailed and you'll definitely learn a lot and be prepared within a short period of time.
    2) If you want to take a bit more time, my classes will provide you with a lot of material for you to study over a few months. Not only are there 4 classes, but there are also over 20 hours of videos and over 200 pages of unique materials that you can use for your self-study over many weeks or months.
  • #6: Excellent Support & Up to Date Materials
  • Through my many years of teaching IELTS students, I've created very detailed notes (especially for Writing) to help my students. My students have found the notes (over 200 pages for all 4 sections) extremely beneficial and useful for their self-study and preparation for the exam. You can be sure that you'll never find such notes anywhere else - these notes are one of the reasons for the success of my students.
  • You'll get personal touch with your teacher through email and phone communication. You'll have my number and direct access to me - you don't have to go through a school or an administrator. I don't think any other teachers give their students their own personal number. You see, I'm not working for a school and teaching is not just my job. It's my passion and I like to help my students achieve their desired score. That's why I am constantly improving my notes, my teaching materials and my teaching skills and you have direct access to me.
  • #7: Affordable Fees
  • My Class Package (see below) consists of a total of 36 hours for $500 - less than $14 per hour! You won't get that sort of price per hour in any other classes in Singapore! My classes are definitely the cheapest in Singapore for the enormous value you get.

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  • Some techniques we’re using with our current students to prepare them for achieving 7.0 in their actual IELTS Test.

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Who is this for?

  • If you’ve always been stumped by the IELTS test questions and struggle to figure out what to write, my class is going to help you understand exactly what the examiner wants from you.
  • If you’ve often been penalised due to careless grammar mistakes, this class is going to help you avoid making them again.
  • If you’ve always struggled with completing your essay before time’s up, ensuring it makes sense to the examiner, and getting it to stand out against all the other submissions, this class is going to help you organise your thoughts into an essay that flows coherently.
  • If you find yourself often rushing to leave work and still arriving to class late, then my weekend classes and timing will be perfect for busy people like you.
  • If your IELTS test is in a month or so and you feel unprepared, my intensive class is going to get you confidently up to speed.
  • If you’ve always found it hard to keep up with the rest of the class, you can also have more time in between each session so you’ve time to go through my huge collection of the latest study materials and do a phone consultation with me directly.
  • If you’re sick and tired of expensive IELTS courses elsewhere that overpromise and underdeliver on results, keep on reading and you’ll be surprised by how affordable my course fees are.

If We Can Help Even The Weakest of Students, Then Surely We Can Help You

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Andi took the exam 15 times over 2 years before enrolling in my class. He never got 7.0 for Writing in his previous 15 attempts, but he finally got 7.0 after attending just two of my Writing classes.

If he had attended my IELTS classes before he took his first IELTS test, he probably could have saved about S$5000 (that’s how much 15 IELTS exams cost!) and 2 years of his life!

He failed 15 times and wasted $5000 on just the exam fees, because of the writing component.

Just imagine how much money, time and disappointment this mock test could potentially save you.

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You should see why it’s a good deal even at $1500.

Most students would have jumped at the opportunity, considering the fact that it could potentially save you from wasting over $2000 in exam and course fees.

However, it is only going to be $500 so that it can be within the reach of most people. That way, I can help as many people as I can.

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